Har-ki-Dun Trek


‘Sitting on a valley and imagining the Pandavas on the mountain Swargarohini struggling their way to heaven!’- only Har-ki-Dun valley is the most suitable place to sit and picture such myth in mind because one is already mesmerised by the beauty of the valley, river flowing near the campsite and surrounded by mountains all around. It’s like the mountains are spreading their huge arms and welcoming everyone with lots of affection.Sight of Juander glacier and Swargarohini peak is another treat for the eyes and even better if one can climb it or trek to the glacier. If wishing to carry on then good luck as you have high chances of greeting a bear! But that would be a lifetime experience.

So let the journey to Harkidun begin!

New Delhi to Dehradun – Day 1

As  Dehradun have all modes of transport- Bus, train or flight, any of these 3 modes of journey can be chosen. But it is better to be reached Dehradun by early morning as Uttrakhand state bus facility is available near the railway station in a bus stand called ‘Mussoorie Bus Stand’ , from there buses are available from Dehradun to the base camp of Har-ki-Dun called Sankri.

Dehradun to Sankri – Day 2

It takes almost 8 to 10 hours to reach Sankri from Dehradun which is situated at the height of 6,455 ft. If money is not a problem then hotel Swargrohini Palace is a good place to stay otherwise GMVN (Gharwal Mandal Vikas Nigam) which is guest house provided by Uttrakhand govt. is also a good place with cheaper room rents.View from Sankri is beautiful, it is a small village surrounded by snowcapped mountains all around, if one has time in hand then try to stay in that village for one day and experience the calmness and simplicity of mountain life.

From Sankri to Netwar.
Sankri To Netwar – Day 3

Local Taxi is available from Sankri to Netwar which takes hardly 2 hours, It is again a small village but at higher altitude. From Netwar the trek to Har-ki-Dun Begins.

Netwar to taluka/seema(Osla) – Day 3

(Trek – 14km.)

The moment you reach Netwar, grab your breakfast and buy all the snacks/chocolates if not taken earlier.The trek is going to take almost 7 hours. So, be ready for a long and beautiful journey which will take you to one of the most breathtaking places on the earth.The complete trial is full of jungle to Taluka and when you look at the sky you can see the mountain peaks on the sides. Walking along Ton river and small tea stalls situated near waterfall, greeting locals with a smile, resting for few minutes in between the trek, breathing the fresh air of the mountains you feel totally relaxed even if you have walked for hours at a stress.

After almost 6 to 7 hours crossing villages called Gangaad and Seema you will reach to Taluka. After reaching Taluka if you decide to walk a further there is a small village called Osla, which is the last village on the way to Harkidun. Take some rest here and be ready for the next day.

Osla Village.
Taluka to Har-ki-dun – Day 4

Trek- (12km.)

Start early from Taluka, there are a couple of shops available, in case you want to buy some food items like biscuits and chocolates.This trail is different from the previous jungle trail, this will be rocky and as you are not going to pass through the jungle just keep walking on the mountain side and enjoy the majestic view of river Tons alongside.The path is full of beautiful shrubs which have many flowers during the season of may to june, green grass all around and on the other side there is another mountain which is also waiting to be explored but not this time. Fill your bottles from the waterfall and continue the journey. After 4 to 5 hours of trekking the trail would change completely through the dense pine forests which hints that har-ki-doon valley is almost reached, and then after around 2 hours of trek the beautiful valley is there! between two great mountains and river Ton in between. One should sit back and relax at this point of time. GMVN and forest guest house are also available there, if you don’t have tents then you can stay there.

On the way to Harkidun

Har-ki-Dun – Day 5

As you have already worked so hard, so it’s always best to take one day rest while trekking. This valley is worth to spend a day, just relax there and enjoy the philosophic sunrise and sunset .Experience the God’s valley and the majestic Swargarohini. If with friends then you can also play games and just sit and talk about various aspects of life and if you are doing a solo trek then just sit with a book on the bank of the river and a cup of soup/tea and keep enjoying life. You can also trek to Juander glacier which is just a few kms of trek away. Believe me, this will be one of the best day of your life which you will cherish forever!.


Har-ki-Dun to Taluka – Day 6

So, the return journey starts from this day, adios to the valley. After Reaching Osla you can visit a very unique Duryodhan temple in the middle of the village. Take rest in Osla or Taluka for that night.

Taluka to Sankri – Day 7

After having breakfast start the trek again, Crossing through the pine forests along river Tons which is also in a hurry to greet river Ganga. Around the evening you will be in Sankri, so take some rest and catch the next day’s early morning state bus to Dehradun. 

Sankri to Dehradun – Day 8

Crossing over the bumpy roads and man-made trails, welcome back to civilization from where you will have to come back again to the Himalayas, because “The mountains are calling”.

                                                                            – Riya Biswas –


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