About us

Hola, welcome to our blog De’Xventure ….

Thanks a load for stopping by and checking our posts. We’ll do our best to come up with our stories, travel and adventure experiences and advice for you whenever required.

Who are we??

Well, ‘WE’ comprises of Rick and Riya Biswas, cousins. Common things about us are that we are travel and adventure enthusiasts, aspirant travel bloggers and foster a dream of travelling the world today or tomorrow.

What we write about?

Being fond of traveling to new but off-bit places that are of-course less visited but also seldom explored in terms of their custom and culture, thus, possessing interest in approaching the unknown when we take India into consideration, at times mentioned as Indian sub-continent when counted with neighboring nations, is the land of more than 200 languages and tribes, outside our state languages and people mostly undiscovered or less studied or practiced. We, get to know unknown folklore and their whereabouts when we visit hamlets up on mountains or deep inside jungles far from our civilized society and clamour of city life where pitch roads couldn’t make it yet. Therefore, the scope in abundance to be explored, which makes travelling education for us and we write about things that are commonly unknown.

How did we name our site?

 Sharing experiences in public as travelogue is only an idea and an act of propagating wisdom. Also, the idea engages a change that we think needs to be adopted by tourists or all, as everyone does trip more or less,  being responsible both for nature and for the betterment of locals of those tourist spots. We thought of talking regarding these aforementioned subjects, with our unorthodox views, which signifies the title of the site saying “WHAT IF”…  thinking differently, unfollowing social trends, something new and better, maybe. Oh yes! ‘WHAT IF’ is the abbreviation of ‘Wild High Altitude TravelersInteresting Folklore’ supposedly clearing all confusion.         

What actually happened?

Since childhood there was a deep desire in us to reach beyond textbook knowledge and explore the world in our own ways with our own eyes, but when the question comes to make traveling as profession for someone who belongs to a mediocre Indian society that normally does not encourages a life of an explorer as it seems crazy and ill-assorted  decision, but we were always free to dream which helps us to visit various corners of the world, as a matter of fact, our mind is the fastest medium of transportation humankind will ever know, we suppose. Hence, one day just after returning from the breathtaking Kheerganga trek, where our parents also joined us, we were discussing to take a firm step in giving our dream a chance to turn it into reality and start travel blogging and share our thrilling experiences with the world, which in our humble opinion is an amazing thing to do for free-flowing people like us side by side. But the thirst to travel more comes as a result of having a curious mind, ya, we don’t simply travel like tourists do, instead we love to connect to those who cross our path, believing that each and every person has a different perspective to see the world, therefore hearing from them is always a treat and at times agnostic, moreover when like-minded people connect they develop their own community, cultures and belief, we love to nurture those bonds.  

Our objective….

We basically encourage others to come out of their concrete-walled space and explore the world and nature by themselves, to experience, be enriched and most of all have fun knowing out-of-the-world sceneries and stories around. Through this blog we are trying to share our experiences with the world by providing words to picturise our journey and mind-travel without moving an inch, at least 🙂 Later, make sure you in person visit those places with or without us.

Hope you enjoy exploring with us and we would also love to hear from you, be it stories or suggestions.

que te diviertas 😀

                                                                                  |    Rick & Riya    |

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