Bird-Watching on Boat Safari at Gajoldoba

Introducing Gajoldoba

Geographically Gajoldoba is located in the south-western foothills of Himalaya, environed by River Teesta and Mahananda to the east and west respectively. The place, about 12 Km yonder to Siliguri and approximately 37 Km to Jalpaiguri town along the Fulbari Canal, is the western section of the Dooars. Baikunthapur Forest Region occupies a large portion as a backdrop to the Teesta Reservoir which was made on River Teesta for irrigational purpose and both invite comely migratory birds from Ladakh and Central Asia, moreover enrich the beauty of Gajoldoba. Good many people visit the place to have leisure quality time with near and dear ones and few in search of migratory fowls, thus making the place commercial for locals.

Bird watchers can avail ferry service and enjoy birding on boat safari for hours in the trustworthy company of guide cum ferryman. After the dam on River Teesta was built and the reservoir formed the marshland full of grasses and waterbody full of free-floating water hyacinth along with the jungle has become the second home for handful number of migratory birds especially fowls. Rather than watching from the spur one is recommended to reserve ferry and explore the waterbody quietly to espy diverse fowls till the horizon.

About 10 Birds encountered on the boat safari.

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