Bird-Watching on Boat Safari at Gajoldoba

One day spent birding on a boat safari at Gajoldoba, West Bengal, India. Look for photographic documentation of 10 birds I encountered in there and a little bit about those species. Hope you enjoy.

A Trek to the Origin of Ganges and Beyond

The trek is the holy one and could be done as a pilgrim as the entire place starting from Gangotri to Tapovan is highly revered by Hindu believers. Apart from that the adventure it engages in trekking the trails is awestruck and an experience of life time.

Malana Village and Drug Tourism

No, you are not at all welcome. Except for the Malana Village- others miles away from each other- the villages equal to each other represents nothing. Whereas, unlike other villagers, Malana folks do not encourage tourism, forget cordial greetings. Now, its human nature that whenever you are restricted to do something one is more prone... Continue Reading →

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